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Jelqing: Advanced Methods Of Jelqing || Disadvantages


History of jelqing: 

Jelq is an ancient technique of the Sudanese Arabs, which reached us through many generations, from father to son.

Basics: what is jelqing?

Jelqing is an exercise by which a large amount of blood is pumped into the penis. As a result, internal pressure rises, which leads to controlled damage or to micro-cracks in the structure of the penis. Basically, from this type of damage, the penis is quickly restored. The result of the right jelly can be an increase in length or girth of the penis or both. Jelqing is good for penis enlargement.

Warming up before and after jelqing is an important thing. Warming relaxes tissues and minimizes the risk of injury. Jelqing exercise is perfect for male enhancement.

Jelqing step by step:

1. Grasp the first hand at the base of the penis; grasp OK (forefinger and thumb, to form a ring by the type of OK!)
2. Squeeze this ring, slowly lead it to the head.
3. Grasp the second hand at the base of the penis, grasp the OK, and release the first hand.
4. Squeeze this ring, slowly lead it to the head.
5. Grasp the first hand at the base of the penis, grasp the OK, and release the second hand
6. Repeat from the second to the fifth step

Jelqing is simple at first glance, however, it may take some time to fully master this exercise. First, your penis should get used to pressure, then you must, in time, strive to add intensity and time to exercise.

Background erection level:

Erection level at jelqing is very important. If the pressure is low at the beginning of the movement and presses hard at the end of the movement at the head. All this can lead to the fact that the girth of the base of the penis will be less than the girth of the upper part of the penis, that is, the so-called baseball bat shape.

The minimum level of erection at Jelqing should be 40% – 50%. Basically, the more the level of erection, the more it works to increase the circumference of the penis. Conversely, the lower the level of erection, the more it works to increase the length of the penis.

Grip The grasp:

It can be different. But, whatever grip you use, there are a number of important rules.

1. Compression force – It is necessary to constantly monitor the compression force and the diameter of the grip ring, in order to avoid pressure changes during the entire movement, from start to finish.
2. Stability – the grip must be stable throughout the movement. We are subconsciously prone to, reduce or alternate the grip strength.
3. Begin with the bottom – you need to start each movement, clutching as close to the base of the penis.

Standard OK grip can be of two kinds, palms up (normal OK grip) and palms down (reverse OK grip). Despite the fact that the standard OK grip involves connecting two fingers in a ring, there are no strict requirements for the connection of the index finger and the thumb. The main thing is that grip allows effectively to hold the blood in the penis. Thus, whether the index finger and thumb are connected to the ring, or not, forming a grasp similar to the letter “U” – the main thing is to find the most working way.

If you do not intend to fix any curvature of the penis, then the grip should be normal/ direct/correct. If you want to correct the curvature, then the grip movement should be directed against the curvature (the grip is directed into the curvature). If the curvature is directed to the left, then you need to point the joker to the right, and vice versa, if the curvature is directed to the right, then the grip should look to the left. Do not expect an immediate correction of curvature, this will take a long time.

The effectiveness of jelqing is a combination of stretching and the internal pressure of the penis. If the main purpose of the grasp is stretching and length, then this kind of grip will be worse to keep blood.

All must be done carefully. Must avoid damage to the dorsal nerve that passes over the upper part of the penis. A particularly sensitive part is the site of the intertwining of nerves immediately after the head, on the upper part of the penis. It is necessary to avoid pressure on this area. Thus, it is not recommended to bring each movement to the head. During the final phase of motion, it is more advisable to stop the grip at some distance from the head, except when the grip has the main pressure on the sides of the penis at the sides. Probably the inverse OK grasp (palm down) with the connected fingers in the ring, exerts the least pressure on these nerves, which makes it safer to drive each movement to the head itself.

In order to be sure that you have worked your penis properly, you need to use different types of grips during the whole session of the exercise. Mixing back and standard OK grasps, using different types of grips, is a good way to achieve results.

It is best to work the penis in full force. Even after a good warm-up, red dots may appear on the head of the penis. To avoid this kind of reaction, start the exercise with a weak grip, then after a minute or two, gradually increase the pressure.

Direction & Position:

Direction upwards (the penis is directed upwards to the ceiling) – at such a jelqing angle, the main stress on itself will be taken by the tunica shell, which is more difficult to stretch, unlike the upper ligaments.

Direction downwards (the penis is directed downwards to the floor) – with this jelqing, the upper garters of the penis receive the main load. Basically, with this type of jelqing, the reverse OK grip is applied (palms down).

Movement (Hand movement under Jelqing):

The speed of each hand movement with a jelly is very important. It is necessary to avoid movement (grip, one movement, one of the hands: right or left hand), lasting less than 3 seconds. With the loss of concentration, it is very easy to slip from good slow movements to a faster masturbating rhythm. You can determine the time of each movement in different ways. You can count on yourself, you can look at the clock or on a metronome – in any case, you need to be sure that the time of every movement is constant.

Increase the time of each movement, it is possible by increasing the pressure of the grip.
To maintain results in length, some, end each movement with an easy pull.

Variations of jelq:

There are many variations of the Jelq, in this section, only a few obvious options are described.

 Dry Jelqing :

Dry Jelqing is a one-handed method that uses the penis skin as the coating with different movements, while the grip does not slip over the penis as with a wet jelly. With such a jelly, the penis has a strong pressure. So when switching from a wet jelly to dry jelqing, you need to start slowly, with caution. With this method, the grip never leaves the skin of the penis. The grip is slightly weakened when the grip moves back to its original position. When you move the grip back to the base, you can squeeze at this point to the PC muscle, which will hold the blood in the penis.

If you are circumcised, then this will not allow you to complete the dry jelly movements. In this case, one complete movement, from the base to the head, must be divided into two stages. One from the base to the middle and 2nd from the middle to the head of the penis.

If you are not circumcised,  then you will be able to make a full movement, starting from the base. For this you need to pull the penis skin back, exposing the head.

Jelqing with a Unrecreased penis:

The foreskin is the additional complexity of the jelq process. You can simply ignore this factor, allowing the foreskin to collect on the head. This method tends to accumulate fluid in the foreskin, which can lead to small pain sensations. After a while, this kind of swelling goes away. Sometimes swelling leads to minor side effects. With this method, the main pressure is on the skin of the base of the penis, which leads to its stretching.

An alternative way is a way in which the foreskin is drawn off before the beginning of each movement. The mastery of this technique may take some time. This can be achieved in two ways: either you can completely release the grip after it reaches the head, or you can slightly relax the grip exactly as much as it will pull the foreskin back.

If you have problems with Wet Jelq, then Dry Jelq is the best alternative.

Tensile jelqing (Stretched Jelqing):

This method involves the constant use of both hands. The first-hand grasp of the head and slightly stretch the penis. With the other hand, grasp the base and guide this grip to the head, as with a conventional jelly. As soon as the second-hand reaches the head, release the grip of the second hand and return again to the base. Again, lead the second hand to the head in the usual manner. All this time the first-hand holds the penis in tension. After a few repetitions, change hands.

This technique can be carried out both on dry, and with the use of lubricant.
When using the “U” grip, this jelqing is commonly referred to as Pinch Jelq.

Advanced Methods Of Jelqing:

WARNING: You must not use these jelq techniques unless you have 2 months of constant jelqing exercise.

Kegel Support (Kegel Enhancement):

Between each movement, before compressing the grip at the base of the penis, squeeze the PC muscle and hold it until you have completely grasped the grip. This will allow you to pump your penis better with blood, at any level of erection, without serious injuries.

High levels of Equation:

High erection, 90 – 100%, mainly affects the growth of the girth (thickness) of the penis. Jelqing with a high level of erection, in essence, leads to injury. Those who jelqing with a low level of erection and saw poor results, switching to jelq with a high level of erection and received much better growth.

Jelq Compression / Demanding (Jelq Squeeze)

With an erection level of 60 to 95% (the greater the erection, the stronger the intensity), grasp the first hand at the base of the penis, squeeze the usual grip, pulling the skin back, now with the second hand begin the usual jelq movement, from the grasp of the first arm to the head.

The second-hand uses a reverse OK grip. Strongly grip the grasp of the second hand. The main disadvantage of this method is that the grip of the second hand begins its course immediately after the second grasp, and not from the very beginning, but it becomes possible to more easily hold the blood in the penis between the movements.

During the jelqing exercise, to maintain an erection and to permanently swap blood to the penis, slightly release the stationary grip (the grip that is constantly compressed at the base) and regulate pumping additional blood into the penis. This type of blood pumping will support the penis in a softer, more flexible state.

It is best to use reverse OK grips for both hands. The mastery of this exercise may take some time, perhaps at first, it will be difficult for your wrists. Movements should be slow, at least 5 seconds each.

Jelq with the use of STAMPS (Jelq Sticks):

Two sticks, cylindrical, measuring 1/2 “x 7” (1.27 cm by 17.78 cm), wrapped in plastic tubes, keep them in parallel and stick a penis between them. Starting from the base to lead the head of the penis. The movement should last 3 seconds or more. The penis can also be worked in the position with the sticks located vertically with respect to the floor (pressure on the side walls of the penis), but in this case, the penis tends to rotate during movement. The vertical method, basically, it is designed to stimulate the growth of the circumference of the penis, and also protects the penis from damage to the dorsal nerve.

Different forms of modified jelly sticks can now be purchased for money. The gripper is a prominent shape using bearings and a soft coating, called “power-jelq” (available below).

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